Managing Your Reputation Online

Handling Negative Reviews on GoogleMyBusiness Recently, I asked someone about a specific business’s reputation, and they said that this company that I inquired about had “a pretty good reputation, about a fifty-fifty reputation with their customers,” meaning that 50% thought positive of the business and that 50% thought poorly of them. I replied that that […]

Making Your Database Work for You

All too often, business owners fail to recognize the marketing value of their database. It can be a lot more than a glorified Rolodex to simply reference customer information. It’s much more than that and can be an invaluable source for all of your marketing communications. It can be used for so much more, including; […]

Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Ok, so I might seem a bit biased in doing a blog post about why hiring a marketing Consultant makes good sense, but the truth is that it does. It’s common for many business owners (myself included) to try to be an expert in everything and do everything themselves. But the truth is that none […]