Marketing you can actually afford

I believe in fair and upfront pricing, something you most likely won’t see on most advertising agencies and Toronto marketing consultants’ websites.

I take pride in being as clear with my clients and potential clients as possible, whether it’s in terms of a project, my rates, or anything else for that matter. As the tagline says, No Fluff and total transparency are the cornerstones of what I’m all about. My hourly rate is 75.00 per hour; however, there are times when clients prefer to pay by the project, which I occasionally do, dependent on the project specifics.

I’m sure that once you’ve looked around a bit, you’ll find that I am extremely competitive when compared to most larger Toronto marketing companies and other marketing consultants in Ontario.

Get in touch with me today for your no-charge personal, and always confidential 30-minute no-obligation Marketing Consultation. My free marketing consultations are a great way to get a feel for what LB is all about and what can be done to help your business recover, succeed and grow. Get in touch with me today to book your appointment; I’d be happy to hear from you!

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