A Toronto-Based Marketing Consultant Who Creates Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns to Help You Get More Customers


A Toronto-Based Marketing Consultant Who Creates Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns to Help You Get More Customers


Marketing Consulting

Get the guidance you need to boost your business’s presence, bring in new customers, and retain existing ones.

  • Identifying Marketing Opportunities
  • Determining Clear Goals and Milestones
  • Capitalizing on Existing Strengths


Marketing Campaigns

Increase your sales with a customized marketing campaign, and reach all the right people with the right message.

  • Defining Effective Marketing Tactics
  • Targeting of Specific Audiences
  • Measuring Campaign Performance


Lead Generation

Start getting all the quality leads your business needs to grow sales and keep ahead of the competition.

  • Establishing Lead Funnels
  • Classifying Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Determining Lead Value




It all starts with a thorough analysis of your business, as well as the industry it operates within. This analysis helps identify any challenges your business may be experiencing, along with any critical areas of strengths that can then be capitalized on. This stage is also to thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition to gain important insights into your own business.


By completing research done in Phase 1, planning around which tactics would be most effective to implement into a detailed marketing and operations campaign is created. This would include a thorough review of the findings in phase one and the extraction of the tactics and approaches that would be best suited to include in a marketing plan and, ultimately, a marketing campaign.


This is where your marketing strategy transforms into actions. In this phase, you see the full effect of the marketing planning, execution, and scheduling come together. It’s when the entire marketing strategy, along with timelines for marketing activities, are laid out agreed upon, and when full initiation of activities, milestones, and goals come together to start your marketing activities.



Frequently Asked Questions

I work with businesses of all sizes, with no limit, but I’d say small to medium-sized businesses mostly, although I have worked with a few large companies as well and from time to time. I seem to naturally attract the smaller to medium-sized businesses for the most part, though. I think most business owners prefer working with a marketing consultant to a large agency for many reasons.

I’m not a marketing agency. I’m an independent marketing consultant. I work alone, and truthfully, I prefer it that way. My clients are important to me; I can only make sure you get the personal service and attention you deserve by providing the marketing services you require myself. However, I have a small, tight-knit support network of trusted vendors that provide services. For example, I have a few experts I work with on very technical items like website programming, graphic work, photography, and videography. Each has a high level of skill in one area of specialization.

Quite literally all over Ontario, without limit. Most clients tend to be in the Greater Toronto area, but I’ve worked with businesses as far away as North Bay. Today’s technology has made working with people hundreds of miles away very simple.

Yes, I actually have my own NDA documentation that I provide to my clients for them to use with me. But if you have your own, we can use whichever one you’re most comfortable with.

Nothing that formal, but I do have an “Agreement” that I sign off on and the client. It’s basically outlining the number of hours in a week or month that the client would like me to work on their projects (minimum/maximum) and for how long the client would like to retain my services initially. Again, it’s important that you, as the client, never get any surprises, just total transparency.

It varies quite a bit; I’ve had some for years’ and others for months, it really depends on what your particular needs are, but typically I work with most of my clients for a minimum of 6 months. Again, it really depends on what exactly you require from a marketing standpoint. There are also no minimum or maximum amount of hours I require to work with a client; it’s really just about what the client needs.

I serve an extensive range of industries—everything from hospitality, to construction, retail, healthcare, and many others.

LB Marketing Consulting helps Ontario-wide businesses of all industries and sizes to increase their sales, grow their client base, and recession-proof their business is what LB does. LB manages everything from marketing consulting to lead generation and full-on campaign management. As a result, you can expect sustainable marketing strategies backed with seamless execution, all at very competitive rates compared to other marketing consultants or agencies.

Yes, I offer no-pressure, no-obligation free 30-minute marketing consultations to anyone looking to discuss their business needs or to get some marketing advice. I also offer evening and weekend consultations, since it can be tough for business owners to chat during the day.