A Expert Marketing Consultant Who Specializes in Helping Businesses owners like you Gain A Lot More Customers


A Expert Marketing Consultant Who Specializes in Helping Businesses owners like you Gain A Lot More Customers


Hi, my name is Bentzi Belfon (pronounced Bent-z), and I am the owner of LB Marketing Consulting based in Toronto. As a marketing and campaign expert for small, medium, and larger types of Ontario businesses for the past 16+ years, I’ve come to appreciate what it takes for a business like yours to succeed.

Unlike other marketing consultants, I dislike terms like “synergy” and the slew of other irritating marketing buzzwords that marketing consultants use to try to impress their clients. I’m not about that; I’m simply a well-seasoned marketing executer, planner, and strategist, focused on only one goal, getting you the positive marketing results you need to get much more business and to keep your competition at bay.

Many of my clients say that I have an easygoing, approachable manner about me, but my marketing approach is anything but that. I pride myself on my aggressive marketing style and the ability to help businesses like yours get to where they need to be and keep them there. It’s all about ensuring that you don’t only reach but also exceed your business goals through achievable, sustainable, and, most importantly, measurable marketing. At the end of the day, though, my singular passion ahead of anything else is helping people like you to get ahead, no matter what challenges they face.

I decided to start LB Marketing Consulting because of my passion for helping people, not marketing per se, but the ability to help people through marketing. Being able to say that you helped turn around a business that, in some cases, wasn’t doing well is an incredibly fulfilling feeling and makes what I do every day rewarding.

LB was named after my Mother, the late Mrs. Leah Belfon, an incredible person who always believed in my ability to help others reach their goals, both personally and professionally. I’m very proud to carry her name into this chapter of my life. It was my Mother, who encouraged me to go out on my own into the world of marketing consulting. Not with the goal of marketing, but with the goal of helping people to achieve their goals. She felt I was a natural at it, and with my marketing background was the best way to help people while still having a solid career.

The initials LB are a constant reminder that the goal of what I do is not all about marketing; it’s about helping people. So, after many years of helping larger companies reach their marketing goals, I saw a clear opportunity to help smaller businesses speed up their growth by using the marketing strategies that worked so well for me for larger businesses. Of course, what works for big companies doesn’t always work for smaller ones, but the marketing principles are essentially almost the same.

Working hands-on with larger companies and associations helped me see how valuable those principles can be when custom-tailored to smaller businesses’ needs. As a result, over the years,’ I’ve developed sound processes for helping businesses find the right marketing tactics and campaigns to outperform competitors and ultimately gain a lot more business effectively. Working with LB Marketing Consulting comes with the promise of quality service, honest communication, and measurable marketing results.

I believe in always treating people no matter their background, financial status, or industry with genuine respect. I’ve always had a “You treat the janitor the same as the CEO” type of mentality. I’ve also come to realize that a lot of large marketing agencies and even marketing consultants work hard to make their clients feel about two inches tall.

Why? It’s pretty simple actually; to maximize the amount of money they can make off of them by creating a bit of a smokescreen, lots of talk, but with little action; or even worse, no results for the client after breaking their bank for their help. I’ve seen many of these bad actors; but, I don’t operate that way; this partnership involves flexibility, honesty, understanding, collaboration, and respect on both sides, all of which you can expect with me as your marketing consultant.

It’s important that clients always feel comfortable with any marketing decisions made on their behalf and that they are always aware of what is going on with their marketing and when. Total transparency is something everyone deserves, not just personally but also professionally. Yes, there are almost always some challenges at the start of every new relationship, but open, honest communication is what solid and collaborative relationships are built on.

For example, your goal in hiring a marketing consultant should never be to simply have an “order taker,” On the flip side, a marketing consultant should never implement marketing tactics without consulting with their client first. It’s all about having a solid partnership, regardless of how long they work together. It’s about working together to ensure that everyone involved is being heard and that the project’s milestones and goals are met most effectively and collaboratively possible. Working with LB comes with the ongoing promise of collaboration, honesty, and respect for you, your marketing dollars, and your business.




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Frequently Asked Questions

I work with businesses of all sizes, with no limit, but I’d say small to medium-sized businesses mostly, although I have worked with a few large companies here and there. I seem to naturally attract the smaller to medium-sized businesses for the most part, though. I think most business owners prefer working with a marketing consultant to a large agency for many reasons.

Yes, I offer no-pressure, no-obligation free 30-minute marketing consultations to anyone looking to discuss their business needs or to get some marketing advice. I also offer evening and weekend consultations since it can be tough for business owners to chat during the day.

I serve an extensive range of industries—everything from hospitality, to construction, to retail, healthcare, and many others.

It varies quite a bit; I’ve had some for years’ and others for months, it really depends on your particular needs, but typically I work with most of my clients for a minimum of 6 months. But, again, it really depends on what exactly you require from a marketing standpoint. There are also no minimum or maximum amount of hours I require to work with a client; it’s really just about what the client needs.

Quite literally all over Ontario, without any limit. Most clients tend to be in the Greater Toronto area, but I’ve worked with businesses as far away as North Bay. Today’s technology makes working with people hundreds of kilometers away very easy.

No, nothing that formal, but I do have an “Agreement” that I sign off on and the client. It’s basically outlining the number of hours in a week or month that the client would like me to work on their projects (minimum/maximum) and for how long the client would like to retain my services initially. Again, it’s important that you, as the client, never get any surprises, just total transparency.

Yes, I actually have my own NDA documentation that I provide to my clients for them to use with me. But if you have your own, we can use whichever one you’re most comfortable with.

I’m not a marketing agency. I’m an independent marketing consultant. I work alone, and truthfully, I prefer it that way. My clients are important to me; I can only make sure you get the personal service and attention you deserve by providing the marketing services you require myself. However, I have a small, tight-knit support network of trusted vendors that provide services. For example, I have a few experts I work with on very technical items like website programming, graphic work, photography, and videography. Each has a high level of skill in one area of specialization.